I thought I’d share some photos I’ve taken through my printing process for individual work.

Working mostly with multi-stage reduction lino prints, I tend to percolate ideas for the next print while I’m on the previous one, and do research and try out ideas on paper when I’m not printing. I use a Staedtler Lumocolor permanent pen on the lino. It has just the right thickness for the tools I favour – thin enough to give detail, but not so thin that I can’t cut the lino that fine, and doesn’t transfer onto the paper as some other brands do.

I work mostly with hard lino, but sometimes use the soft variety, just depending on what’s in stock when I’m getting supplies, what size is needed and how detailed the image is going to be (hard seems better for more detail).

I hand-pull every print, which means the results can be varied, which depending on the day, can be good or bad. The variety can be lovely, but some prints get wasted, of course, through uneven pressure.

The registration board I use to ensure multiple colour prints lie exactly on top of each other, is one that I made myself from scraps of MDF that I saw lying around at a framers and pounced on. It’s stood up well and works just fine. I’m happy with that and can recommend it to anyone who prints.

I’ve also been working on pencil drawings in graphite and coloured pencil lately.

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